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Alex Franchi


Alex Franchi

For as long as his friends can remember, Alex has been trying to escape reality.

Initially he thought that money would do the trick, and so he started his career in banking – first in Canada, then in Dubaï (actually he was not really a banker, but was giving training courses to young Emiratis so that THEY would become rich bankers).

Realizing that his career path was seriously stifling his creative instincts and clashing with his egalitarian ideals, Alex decided to ditch everything and follow his passion for cinema.

His escape from real life took the form of imaginary worlds, myth and strange stories. He wrote, produced and directed several short along with two feature films.

The Wild Hunt, his first feature, a dark comedy taking place in the world of medieval re-enactors, won Best Canadian First Feature at TIFF 2009.

His second feature, Happy Face, was a coming of age drama/comedy featuring disfigured non-actors as the main characters. The film won several awards internationally for its uncompromising look at our beauty-obsessed culture and its message of acceptance of diversity.

Though Alex keeps the really strange stuff for his films, he brings to advertising his craft for tone, acting, and humor.

When he is not working on a pitch or a story, Alex mentors and trains aspiring filmmakers in storytelling. Lately he gave a workshop to high-school dropouts at a personal development centre outside of Montreal and a two-week seminar to Indigenous youth at the Weengushk Film Institute on Lake Huron’s Manitoulin Island.

Contrary to what he boasts, Alex CANNOT play the guitar.