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Trent Jaklitsch


Trent Jaklitsch

Trying to say Jaklitsch is an adventure, so for bio sakes we’ll assume everyone’s friends here and keep things on a first name basis. All that heart Trent weaves into his work is inspired by his experience as a single father raising a little girl into a young woman. As a writer and director, many of the films he’s made have a strong theme of empowerment, and are little love letters to that once 10-year-old girl.

Trent’s work is equal parts emotional and visual. He approaches everything he shoots with a cinematic perspective, but the beauty of his images glow from the inside out. To him, film is about revealing a truth, rather than manufacturing one. His approach to storytelling is born out of that mantra, with the belief that emotion comes from a performer’s vulnerability.

Besides being his mom’s second favorite (his sister had to win something), Trent’s work has been honored by Cannes YDA, British Arrows, Vimeo Staff Picks, and Webby. Some of his friends sit at Anomoly, VML Y&R, Google, Arnold, and Grey.