Trent & Marlena


Trent & Marlena

Trent & Marlena will bring it to life in a way you never expected if you’re looking to tell a story, rich with emotional realism, creative charm, and cinematic visuals. Together, they approach whatever they shoot collaboratively, with a sharp eye for color and a keen cinematic perspective. This means their work is well-rounded in emotional depth–and bonus, it sure does look purty.

Marlena went to college for a degree in finance and returned with a degree in advertising. From there, she began her career as a writer and creative director. Some agencies Marlena has worked for are DDB, Arnold, and Saatchi & Saatchi on brands like John Frieda, Hershey’s, New York Lottery, and Metro by T-Mobile. Eventually, production life got the better of her and she started spending more time on set.

With her background in writing, producing, and creative advertising, Marlena definitely has her finger on the agency pulse and knows what they’re looking for. Additionally, Marlena excels at finding beauty in the subtle and often overlooked moments, and strives to create work that is honest, candid, and full of heart! She is excited to flex her creativity bone and express herself through this new lens (literally).

Trent’s work is equal parts emotional and visual. He approaches everything he shoots with a creative passion and a deep understanding of storytelling. Trent believes film is about revealing a truth, rather than manufacturing one. His approach to storytelling is born out of that mantra, with the belief that emotion comes from a performer’s vulnerability. Trent’s ability to connect with cast, crew, and creatives alike to capture these compelling visual performances is his specialty.

As a graduate of NYC’s School of Visual Arts and a recipient of the prestigious Young Directors Award at Cannes in 2015, Trent has honed a distinct voice that comes through in all his work.

Together Trent & Marlena blend the perfect balance of detailed cinematic precision and impactful emotional storytelling. Collaborating in every part of the process, they ensure they’re producing the best content they can from an agency, story, and visual standpoint.

Trent & Marlena live in Brooklyn and spend a fair amount of time explaining how to spell their last name.