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Feels Like Home is your production home away from home. A one-stop fully integrated production service hub offering complete production support for film, TV, and online content. Feels Like Home has production centers in Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal in addition to access to the best producers, scouts, and crews in Canada. We aim to provide creative and solution-forward production assistance in bringing your stories to life.

Feels Like Home, where clients, cast, and crew are one. 

Canada offers a myriad of production benefits ranging from exchange rates providing a savings of 25-30%, to one of the most diverse populations in the world that offers a wide range of ethnicities in both union and non-union categories, as well as some of the world’s most incredible landscapes. Across the country from the coastal seashores, the Rocky Mountains to the West, the snow-covered Northern Territories, the European cobblestone roads to the East, and the lake regions and major urban cities, make Canada your home away from home.

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