Faded, Not Yet Gone


As Cole and his father, Joseph, push through the trying and monotonous life as farmers, they both battle with their own internal struggles. Cole questions whether this simple way of life is truly for him or not. Joseph picks up on his son’s complacency and worries he may lose his lead hand, leaving him alone to bear the farm’s workload. This meditative film explores finding our true purpose in life and if that’s something worth fighting for. All while touching on the relationship between us humans and mother nature as well as father and son. The film comes to a head when a family relic is revealed to Cole that vocalizes his internal struggles.


Growing up in the countryside, I have always been enamoured by the land – spending endless days getting lost in nature. The allure of a simple and honest life as a farmer working the land has never faded on me, albeit the idea is probably a bit romanticized in my head. In Faded, Not Yet Gone I wanted to explore the idea of someone who has fallen into the family tradition of farming but has had uncertainty creep in. I think this is a realization many people face: do I uphold my family’s heritage or do I have another calling out there? The film is intentionally simple at times allowing the viewer to experience the beauty of nature and appreciate the world around us. And in other times, I emphasize the grueling, strenuous, and tumultuous life that farming can be. Overall I wanted to create a cinematic slice of that life that plays on the age-old idea of finding one’s true purpose in life.

Writer & Director: Lucas Dabrowski

Starring: Jacob Klick & Michael Barstow
Poem Writer: Tatyana Decker
Voice Over: Grey Storm

Executive Producers: Marni Luftspring-Belavin & Estelle Weir
Producer & Production Manager: Roman Hul

DOP: Kristofer Bonnell via Mantl Reps
1st AC: Alex Dametto
2nd AC: Kwaku Kufor
BTS Photographer: Andrew Gook
Sound Mixer: Reid Goobie
Gaffer: Stefan Kuchar
Key Grip: John Oliver
Swing: Adrian Harasowsky
PAs: Kevin Rodriguez, Callum Sheedy, Dillan Grant

Casting: Jigsaw Casting Inc.
Casting Direction: Shasta Lutz
Casting Coordinator: Katie Giglio

Editorial: Nimiopere
Editor: Steve Puhach
Assistant Editor: Griffin Stobbs

Colour & Online: Alter Ego
Colourist: Wade Odlum
Colour Assistant: Daniel Saavedra
Colour Producer: Genna McAuliffe
VFX Artist: David Whiteson

Audio Post Production: Eggplant Music & Sound
Composer: Walker Grimshaw
Sound Designer & Re-Recording Mixer: Dan Horton
Audio Post Supervisor: Adam Damelin

Gear Donated by: Affiliated Equipment