Excited to finally share @feelslikehomefilms’ collaboration with @anton_josef in his new spot for KartRider Drift which uses immersive transitions, camerawork, and VFX to put you into the driver’s seat of a kart racer hitting the tracks!

Director: Anton Jøsef @anton_josef
Director of Photography: Ryan Spacone @ryanspacone

Offline: Outsider Editorial @outsidereditorial
Editor: Chris Murphy @murphyeditor
Assistant Editor: Daniel Karan @hi8bandit
Executive Producer: Kayan Choi @kayanch01
Executive Producer: Kristina Anzlinger @ninele80

Sound Designer: Brian Mullany @b_mullany

Transfer and Online: Studio Feather @studiofeather
Colourist: Jason Zukowski @jasonzukowski
Colour Assist: Rebecca-Koby Yamanaka @rkyamayama
VFX/Online: Julian van Mil @julian_van_mil
Online Assist: Dequiera Atherton
Motion Design: Justin Wotherspoon @the.soap.opera
Executive Producer: Sara Windrim @sarawindrim
Producer: Sonia Ruffolo @soniaruffolo